Swampscott Little League offers baseball and softball programs for children age 4 to 16 years old.

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All players receive a cap and jersey. 

Each parent is responsible for providing:

- A USA baseball approved bat*

- A glove

- Baseball or softball pants

- Cleats**

- Helmet

- Face guard***

Optional apparel/equipment

- Batting Gloves

- Belt (stronly encouraged past the T-ball divisions)

- Baseball or Softball Bat Pack (similar to a backpack)

*USA baseball approved bats for Instructional level and above baseball.  T-ball and Softball are not subject to this requirement.

**Cleats and a Bat are optional for T-ball divisions (both baseball and softball).  Those teams will have at least one team provided bat. 

***Only required for Softball divisions Rookie level and up.

Please note, leagues no longer supply helmets due to lice concerns.


Other notes

- Many managers especially in Farm league and up for baseball and Rookie level and up for softball will ask parents to purchase the same color pants, socks and belt to match the colors of the team.  You can expect more information from your team's manager once the team assignments have been completed.

- If you purchase an expensive bat for you child, it is highly encouraged that your child not share it with teammates.  There is no rule against this, but it's a recommendation from the league.