Swampscott Little League offers baseball and softball programs for children age 4 to 16 years old.

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In accordance with Little League's Child Protection Program, all local leagues are required to conduct a nation-wide background check on managers, coaches, Board members, and other adult volunteers who provide regular service to the league and have regular contact with players.

Massachusetts Law further requires that volunteers working with youth sports leagues undergo an additional screening (a CORI check) against the Commonwealth's database of criminal offenders.

Background checks through JD Palatine (3rd party company that works with LL International) and Massachusetts CORI checks are separate, and BOTH are required annually. CORI checks will be done by the Safety Officer automatically ONLY for adjacent-year returning coaches. If you have not been contacted by email by the Safety Officer to submit information online/electronically for the background check for this season, you may choose to request an email link to be sent to you by emailing littleleaguecori@gmail.com.  If you are new to the league as a coach/volunteer, or newly returning to volunteer after a break, you will be asked by e-mail for the last 6 of your SSN and DOB to have a CORI performed. If needed, you may choose to submit these 2 pieces of information verbally by phone if you prefer.  Please remember that CORI's and Background Checks are separate (one required by the state and the other is a national check through LL International). For Background Checks, the online submission by the applicant through a secure email link sent directly from JD Palatine is the most secure method for completing the background check and is the preferred method.

Questions or concerns please contact Safety Officer Chris Hashikawa at   or email littleleaguecori@gmail.com.